Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management (ECM) is not a single technology or process. It’s an umbrella term used to describe the combination of methods, tools and strategies that support capturing and managing content. It also includes storage, preservation and delivery of information throughout its entire lifecycle.

Not many consultancy firms claim to be experts in ECM but we do. Several of our senior consultants have multiple years of experience from ECM platforms like Documentum/OpenText, Alfresco and others. Much of this work have been done in business sectors like nuclear and pharma where regulatory demands on content management are extremely high.

Mitigate the risks

Productivity and efficiency within companies increase when the dependence on paper documents is reduced and an organized secure repository of unstructured information. Companies that don’t implement ECM systems risk losing time and productivity and potential non-compliance with corporate policies and regulations. They may also be threatened by the loss of information if disaster strikes and content is not securely stored, leading to significant business interruptions.

Boost your digital transformation

By listening to your needs and with our wealth of experience we can guide your journey towards better and more efficient content management.

We will help you increase business value by leveraging processes and adding governance to your unstructured data. Providing fit for purpose content services will enable you to connect content to your digital business and to accelerate productivity.