[åckto:paj bäj] yep, that’s how you say it

Curious minds achieve great things

Feeling good about making a difference

Developing people. Delivering results

We take pride in our craft

You will be proud of the job we do

We want you to succeed

We want to talk, give us a call

It’s our business to develop yours

We sound great on conference calls

The best time to start something is now

We bring order to unstructured data

We never limit the challenges, we challenge the limits

Your business is our passion

We believe in ourselves

Making professionalism fun

We set your goals high

Tell us what you need, we will bring it

We DO run the extra mile

You´ll notice when we´re in the house

We put the “pro” in proactive

Making real difference in YOUR business

Your needs, our dedication

We support nonprofits

Relax, you’re safe in the bay

We help you stay competitive

A more enjoyable consultant experience

We are a young and yet experienced consultant company with focus on services in IT and Management. Together we have huge amounts of collected experience from businesses like pharmaceutical, automotive, energy and public transport.

We offer a personal and dedicated relation and align with the high expectations that our customers have on their business partners.

For you as a co-worker we offer a workplace where passion, trust, joy and care is central.

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